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Who we are

Your one-stop organic supplier

A producer of highest standard organic cosmetics, BRANDPUR creates customizable white label solutions for our clients’ brands. We’re passionate about strong, credible products and support our clients in extending their product lines to meet market demands for organic cosmetics. Our magic ingredient: a fine combination of skilled experts and first-grade raw products. Team spirit and fairness is our way to success: success for our manufacturers, for our product – and for our clients.


There’s much more to “organic” than natural, eco-friendly production processes. It’s a conviction, starting with the manufacturer and spreading to the happy customer. Simply natural and pure.


Your brand is our drive: In our pursuit to strengthen and enhance your brand essence we are producer, consultant and friend – from production to market launch. With a 360°-perspective and ardent attention to detail.


We don’t stop at good intentions, results are our goal. That’s why we think and work in solutions, letting concept and product form an unbreakable unit.

What we do

Our products are storytellers

The fascination for our products lies in the stories they tell: stories about people, nature and relationships. We build connections between the homelands of our products and brands from all over the world. The story of our Argan oil line, for instance, started with a direct contact between local producers and one of our founders.

We strongly believe that authentic, eco-friendly and sustainable products are the way to a better future – and to economic success. A conviction that is affirmed by solid market research.


Natural cosmetics: a rising star

Nature is a champion of today’s economy. Just like the organic food industry, natural cosmetics are conquering a wide and ever-growing consumer base. Those consumers want to know about their products’ origin and natural ingredients. With annual revenues of €1 billion, organic beauty products should be part of any cosmetics player’s portfolio – in a market that is otherwise struggling to generate growth.

Make it happen

Now it’s on you: Build your line of organic cosmetics with our highly customizable products and boost the strength of your brand – ready to seize today’s and tomorrow’s unique opportunities.

Create your product line

Customizable organic cosmetics – from soap to body lotion


The basis: certified organic cosmetics

We are committed to our products – with a social and ecological conscience. Certified standards guarantee a trustful purchase for all of our natural ingredients.

Controlled wild collection

Natural and organic
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No animal experiments

Produced with local workers


Our products’ heroes


    The large proportion of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids in Argan oil is an effective anti-ageing source. Antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and environmental influences.

    Ginger, with its antiseptic and activating effect on the whole body and its microcirculation, naturally stimulates and protects the skin.

    The antioxidant effect of the liquorice root protects the skin and enhances the healing process of irritations or wounds. The extract’s moisture-binding ability lets the skin feels soft and gentle.

    Soybean oil is highly effective on dry and combination skin: It stimulates keratinisation and moisturizes the cell membranes, restoring and preserving skin moisture.

    Green tea relaxes and soothes stressed skin, providing it with freshness and vigor. It is also favoured for its anti-inflammatory effects.

    Plenty of unsaturated fatty acids help strengthen the skin barrier that protects the skin from drying out. A high proportion of vitamin A and E stimulate the skin's suppleness.

    Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal and lets the skin feel smooth and soft.

    The vegetable fat extracted from Shea nuts provides nourishment and moisture for dry, stressed skin and preserves its natural vitality.

    Magnolia bark reduces skin blemishes and irritations. Thus, it adds to collagen tissue regulation and gives a firm and more elastic look to the skin.

    The anti­aging ingredient No. 1 moisturizes the skin, smoothes all its layers and lets it feel plump und soft.

    The oil of the Karanja seeds is very light in its texture and is used, for instance, in Ayurveda. It reinforces skin healing, reduces pigment discolorations and protects the skin.

    The fat of cocoa beans helps heal, soften and protect dry and irritated skin. It is also a great antioxidant source, reducing the aging of the skin.

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